Let’s take the time this Anzac Day to remember those who served

Mar 7 2014

Most would agree there is good reason why the morning of Anzac Day is one of only 4 and a half days per year where shop trading is restricted. This gives returned services personnel and their families who work in retail or run their own small business the opportunity to attend remembrance services and participate in events together as a community.

While not to put one day ahead of another, some of the most passionate messages received by the Take The Time coalition are around Anzac Day, particularly from serving or former armed services personnel and their families. Many are still disappointed that the afternoon of Anzac Day was opened up to trading in NSW.

Trading changes proposed by the NSW Government in 2012 placed all protected trading hours at risk – including Anzac Day – and the community welcomed the Government’s decision in November 2012 to step back from these proposed changes.

You can help retain Anzac Day as a time to remember, and other special days by emailing your local MP and asking for his or her support to retain the existing framework of laws that protect these few remaining shared community days.

You can do this here: https://www.takethetime.org.au/emailmp

From the partner organisations of the Take The Time coalition, who wish you a safe Anzac Day, and encourage you to take the time to remember.

Stand up for retail workers and any further erosion of their precious family time.
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